Elusive Dreams

a mystery in 40 chapters, with various dreams and journal entries.

Heroine: Dayna Smithers – a darned good actress, as she’d be the first to tell you.  She wakes from dreams of blood and haunting laughter, dreams that didn’t feel like dreams.

POV character: Kate Douglas – blunt, tactless, purposefully lacking in most of the social graces, can’t remember a word she hears but her visual memory is eidactic plus.  Kate dreams of fire, of a friend dying in the middle of a dancing flame.

Detective: Roland McDougall – looks like a bluff Irish street cop but his work clothes cost more that a week of meals.   If dreams, he tells no one.

Supporting Cast (a.k.a. Dayna’s court):

  • Zenobia       Joseph           Beau              Allison
  • Andy            Conroy           Paul                Julia.

Suspects of Detective McDougall:  Dayna Smithers

Suspects of Kate Douglas:            everyone else

Murder.  Auditions.  Murder.  Recriminations.  Aborted romance.  Confrontations.Murder. Romance.  Mind warp.  Reconciliation.  Murder.  Fantastical, slightly freaky denouement.  Mourning.

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