…world creation

I’ve felt this delighted before. The “Eureka!” moment. The feeling that I finally have something.

 And after 20 years of readers and advisors saying “You’re on the right path, you’re doing what you’re meant to do” – I finally believe it. I feel everything coalescing. I can feel where this experience weaves into that knowledge, and what a wonderful life it will be since I was in the world. And…

… and honestly, it’s a little annoying. Because it feels like it didn’t have to be so much work! Like I shouldn’t have had to lose myself in order to find myself again. It should be a lot easier to just BE, every day.

And it’s not that LIFE is unfair. Life is totally fair. It is unbiased and unprejudice and very unsentimental. It’s all the twists and turns and challenges we as humans have created in order to feel like we are accomplishing something, or like we are conquering someone?

But I guess if the world were ideal and everyone was happy, I could just tend my garden and lend a listening ear and write and read stories without needing to stand for something. Every one would already be accepting and unique and equal.

You know, I could have lived with that.

Ah well. I guess we have to create that reality in order to live in it.

Wanna change the world with me?