About Me

I am Lila Evans Allen – Happiness Practitioner, Self-Care Advocate, and Magic Worker.

All of which is a fun way of saying, I have a lot of different interests, many skills, and a unique way of looking at the world.

Over the years, I have explored many ways of contributing to the world, of how to use my skills, of what I REALLY want to work at. And I keep finding a different answer, depending on the mood, the financial situation, and my current level of self-confidence.

The things that continue to make the cut, or that refuse to be thrust into retirement are: Writing, Singing, Bookkeeping, Crocheting, photography, and gathering with friends and loved ones.

The things I hope to stop doing are making statements of conviction and certitude (sorry – I just finished watching Pride & Prejudice.) And anything else I say after that would probably end up being such a statement.

So, instead of trying to define and confine myself, I will allow myself to explore both my world and how I wish to express it: verbally, spiritually, materially. I may even send out the latest newsletter I’ve been working on.

And thus, I am here before you (not literally. At least not yet) with a hope that, whatever you are looking for to make your world a better place, you will find. If not here, on this website, then soon.

Take care of you.