Happy Imbolc~

Technically, Imbolc is the middle of the winter season, which starts on December 21st, and ends on March 21st.

Traditionally, Imbolc heralds the first signs of life. Lambs are being born and mothers’ milk begins to flow.

Actually, here on the east side of Washington state, we are seeing signs of that life. The crows have returned (though I didn’t realize they were missing.) There have been a few ants, and moths. There are buds on the trees, and the air was warm enough for me to open windows in my car and in my home.

And the real sign of spring coming soon to restless hearts… the grocery store is selling pansies already. In february!

Though the winter here has been mild by local standards, it has been difficult for me because of the gray. Yes, I’d been warned. But the information I found said there were only 20 less days of sunshine here than in Denver. Heck, Spokane means Children of the Sun.

I guess it depends on your definition of day. 3 hours in the afternoon with a chilling humidity does not to me a sunny day make. But I lived in Denver for, what, 30 years? I guess part of my problem is that I expect certain things to happen a certain way and here, well, they don’t.

Happily, whatever the color of the sky, I have had much that is beautiful and bright and fun to be grateful for inside my lovely apartment–gifts or items that lead to lovely memories of my family and friends.

I am surrounded by love, I am connected to you, and that keeps my heart warm.

Thanks to you, I made it through the darkest part of winter. There may still be some storms ahead, but I know that the sun will shine a little more every day. Even if the clouds try to obscure it, I know it’s there. Even when daylight savings comes to muck it all up again, I will feel it there. The memory of its warmth creates that connection.

This video is my little gift of gratitude to everyone who has been a ray of light in my life. Which means you.

May the seeds of your past bring you joyous fruit.

May this spring bring growth in all the best ways.

May what you desire come easily to hand.

And may the sun always shine when you need its rays.

Love & Unicorns

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