Workshops Coming your Way

Hello to you!

Yes, I am doing it. Workshops on Happiness. Yay me!

It will be on zoom, and it will be free, and there will be registration required. Because I will then be able to send access information to the right address. Oh, and it will be recorded.

So I am doing the second hardest part of the workshop process now – trying to figure out how to set it up on Zoom and BrownPaperTicket so everything goes the way I want it to. Which means practice. (yay! practice!)

The current schedule is: Tuesdays at 5:15 pm Pacific Time

  • Oct 6 Preliminary Zoom (Tech Rehearsal)
  • Oct 13 An Introduction
  • Oct 20 A Happy Place
  • Oct 27 Perspective
  • Nov 3 Core Values & Declarations
  • Nov 10 Practices & Exercises
  • Nov 17 Conclusion

Registration for the workshops will begin on the 6th, at 6 pm. I hope to have the links on the appropriate and easily accessible web page of this site (insert wry grin here.) If you’re interested in helping with the tech rehearsal, the registration button will hopefully be up tomorrow (Wednesday.)

Take care of you!


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