Happy Equinox

This is the Day the Lord has made!

And the Night the Lady has made!

All things being equal, you know?

Equal day and equal night means that there is the same amount of time in a day as there is in a night, based on when the sun goes down.

But if you’re like me, there is no strict switch from night to day. Because the light from the sun spreads before it, and lingers after. One might say it encroaches on the dark of night.

And daylight can be subdued by the amounts of clouds (or smoke) in the sky.

Nature likes balance, though she’s not a real stickler for exactitude.

And to me, that’s kind of what equality means. It means that there is no sharp line that divides one thing from another, easily stuffing them into boxes, waiting to be judged.

Equality means Every thing, Every being, Every moment is its own precious jewel, unable to be compared to any other. Everything bleeds into everything else, always transitioning, always moving forward, always changing season, always going from dark to light to dark again.

And though there may be, on a specific day, the exact equal number of breaths of light shining and visible, and dark spread and visible, it’s more probable that Nature, in her infinite fairness, never has that kind of division at all.

So Happy Equinox. Happy Equality. May we all feel free to live for and by our own happiness, with no categories anywhere. May we know that we are awesome, amazing and, above all, unique beings, able to shine in every moment, without need for category or comparison.  Just the delightful ability to BE, day and night.

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