This puppy is a no show.

‚ÄčIn accordance with the recommendations of, oh, many government and medical officials, the MUUsical “Dogs” has been postponed until it’s okay to breath and sweat on each other without fear of dastardly repercussions.  (this was a church performance scheduled for tomorrow night.)

Yay team.

Yes, I spent last night bawling and screaming and crying and binging on television and chocolate. My first show in YEARS! My voice was improving. My trust in my body was improving. I even made parts of my costume! So much opened up for me, doing the show was obviously the right decision, even if I never get to perform in front of a live audience. The performing, the camaraderie of theater, the return to self, those are the important things.

But. It was still heart breaking to not only hear it was an option, but to realize it was the best option. (stupid equality for all. Why do other people have to be the center of their own worlds?)

I will admit, I’m relieved that the decision is taken out of my hands. Because now I don’t have to analyze every sniffle and headache to see if it’s allergies, muscle sprain, dehydration, or flu. Because I am one of the people who has been trained that the show must go on. And I expect high risk people to take care of themselves. In fact, I’ve been a little confused as to what all the fuss is about. It’s just another flu.

So I asked the question. And this is the answer I received from a medical professional – and one that makes sense to me.¬† The closures and restrictions are not in some vain attempt to prevent people from getting the flu, but to help slow the wave of infection and sickness so that everyone can get the care they need. Because otherwise, health care centers will be overrun (and I’ve seen those movies. Health camps are NOT healthy.)

Of course, now I have another question – what do I do?

What can I do?

I’m an entertainer and a listener. I’m a hugger! – which I think is going to be taboo for awhile. I have a few thoughts to explore once I’m finished mourning the abrupt end to the show.  Obviously, the internet will play a part, yes? (Thank Providence for the 21st century!)

Meanwhile, it seems for once the best thing I do for my community and my world, is to NOT show up. Yay! Being an Introvert is FINALLY COOL!

Good health, and easy deep breathing to you.

PS –  Did you know the best place for screaming is in the car? If you’re driving down the road, even if the windows are down, you can scream like your world ended. (remember to support, please. Your throat will thank you.) and even if people hear they won’t actually see you, and, more relevantly, you won’t see them see you. Of course, if you’re stopped at a red light, stare straight forward and keep your mouth shut.

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