A MidWinter's Wish

Hello, dear ones. Welcome to the beginning of another year.

Thank goodness!

If you’re like me, it has been a heck of a year. I am looking forward to the quiet days when the Holidays are finally over. I rather wish that we followed nature’s example and relaxed more during the cold times, but would we really be human if we didn’t push the limits?

Um, yes. That is going to be one of my hopes for myself this year – to be more in tune with nature, to allow things in their time, to thrive in the moment I am in and the feeling I have.

As for my wish for you…

They say that Mary Poppins came in on the wind. Umbrella in one hand and magic carpet bag in the other; prim and proper, as an English Nanny should be, but open to possibilities. Actually, the opener of possibilities. Despite the sweet smile of Julie Andrews, the literary Mary Poppins was a bit of a snark – and I’m not sure I would have liked her had I met her in person. But oh, the doors she opened. The worlds she was a part of.

This year, I wish the wind to blow your way – not a Mary Poppins. She did enjoy being practically perfect, and that would drive me batty – but a person, an opportunity, an open door. A path to freedom.

For me, freedom is not just about the justice system or the bill of rights. It’s not just about incarceration or oppression.  It’s not even about fairness.

Freedom is about having the ability, the possibility, the moments – many moments – to choose for ourselves. To choose the work place and the work hours and the work itself without fear of starvation. To choose relationships or lack thereof without fear of ridicule, abuse, or compromise that becomes constriction. The freedom to choose between many positive possibilities instead of the lesser of two evils. To choose happiness for self without feeling guilt.

So when you are feeling trapped, frustrated, just ready for a change;  feel the wind upon your face, in your hair, swirling around you. And know:

I wish the winds of change will blow and kiss your cheek,
bring a glow of future bright and path so free,
to be the you you want to be.

Happy Solstice. May this year be amazing, and freeing, for us all.

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