…a State of Being in Everyday Life

Have you ever looked at a tree?  I mean, just sat and contemplated a tree? Or a flower? Or a stone? These things, these beings of nature just… ARE. They root and they grow, they emit their energies and they rest; they respond to the weather and the nutrients in the soil and they adapt and transform and die and are reborn.

Life is like that. We stand in our soil and we suck in what nutrients we can and we put out our energy and we live and we rest, do and die. And while the physical body does all that daily living stuff, the inside, the core, is as solid as a stone and as beautiful as a flower and as connected as a tree. And we are happy.

At least, that is the practice. The goal. The state of being we desire to experience in every day life. Because Nature isn’t about striving to be the best tree in the forest, or to make our parents proud, or even to get back to its roots. Nature IS its roots. And branches. The leaves that fall. And the fire that burns.

Even in death and destruction – Nature IS. There is no malice, there is no personal. There is struggle. There is joy. There is striving and thriving and dying. But while all this is happening, each part of the cog of Nature’s wheel is contributing by just BEING… true to his Nature; true to her truths. BEING Happy in the deepest, most connected, most unconditionally loved sense of the word.

How we get there is different for each of us. But we have to know what we want before we start the journey.

So, can you feel – if just for a moment – what it is like to be a tree?

Can you feel, just for a moment, your definition of Happy?

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