Getting Started:

Hello to you! And Welcome to my New Website.

The plan was to publish the site with a beautiful Home Page; a delightfully witty and informative About Me; the Newsletter Sign-Up (with the all important “opt in” prize); and my first, official, explaining Happiness, Pulitzer-winning blog entry.

Instead, we have “Getting Started.” And a basic Home Page. Because in order to edit the website for visual beauty and flow, one has to actually push publish on the pages – at least, that seems the easiest way for this beginner in WordPress. Naturally, every website host/builder is different, so all the things I learned in Blogger will take a while to translate to this new world.

I know transition is the way of my life, and perfection is not even a river in Egypt. And perfection is not really my goal. But, with a new website and a couple of business coaches, I fell back into an old pattern of feeling my future was reliant on an immediate, stunning, first impression.

But that’s not me. And that’s not Happiness. Happiness is more than just the first moment. Happiness is a state of being in EVERY day life.

So, let’s get started… Being.

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